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Controlling the number of rows in a dynamic tale.


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Is there anyway to control the flow of a dynamic table with respect to number of rows.If yes could you please help with the script.

Is it possible to create multiple PDF's in a single document? if yes that solves my whole issue.

In my scenario i need to put multiple forms in a single document.Inside each form there are some static records and a dynamic table which has to flow as per no of records.the number of pages of each form depends on the size of the dynamic table.I need to use same static records for all pages of the form.i cant use static objects in master page as the values change for each form.i am trying to control the pages based on the number of rows.

is there anyway i can flow certain amount of rows in a page.

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The number of rows will be dictated by the amount of space left. You cannot control it and say that you want only 5 rows per page. You could put a footer at the bottom of the page so that the table does not get too close to the bottom margin.