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Concatenation not wrapping text corectly.


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I have a form where I'm gathering information in some fields and then displaying it back in other fields with the correct labels and such.

Page 3 is where I'm regurgitating the information.

I have content set to Flowed.

And the field itself is set to Allow Multiple Lines and Expand to fit for both Width and Height.

I then setup a bunch of variables and an if, else if statement to concatenate my information.

The concatenation uses "\n" to return to a new line if the user has more then one college degree.

5-19-2016 8-54-36 AM.jpg

So as you can see it does not wrap the information correctly.

Unfortunately I cannot use a fixed height field as I need the next field to not have a gap between the information.

I did test with a fixed height and width box with Limit Length to Visible Area checked and this did work for wrapping the information correctly but again it causes display issues for the rest of the form.

I get an error about Limit Length to Visible Area and Expand to fit if both items are checked at the same time.

Adobe LC Designer - Version 9

Form Type: Dynamic XML Form

Sorry if I'm missing any information needed for support.

Only like my 4th day of Using LC to create a form.

If I posted in the wrong section please let me know so I can try and post in the correct location.

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I figured it out by putting the text fields on the third page in a table first with no borders.  This enabled the wrap feature and still allows the flowed feature to work.  Sorry for not trying this post.  Hope my question does help someone else in he future.


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what did your script look like could you give an example here. I am trying to wrap my text to a separate text field. only using the length of the text field to the visible area and when the text field is full carry to the next field below. I have a script however it is a bit sketchy.

var w = xfa.resolveNode("itemDescription1").rawValue;

if (event.fullText);


maybe you could shed some light on this please.