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Collecting Form Data - what's the best way?


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I'm setting up a new website and will need to collect data from subscribers. I understand that you can use Acrobat to manage the whole process - from design to data collection. I've tried emailing forms to myself, but these come down as xml files and have to be converted into excel - very time consuming and fiddly, so not the best way of collecting the data. So, what's the quickest and best way, and why isn't this made clearer by the LiveCycle Designer programme? Cheers in advance!
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Emailing is certainly not the right way to go. Think of the email

submission as a toy for testing with.

Like any other web site form, you should submit to a web script (ASP,

CGI, PHP, etc.). This can run a program which is sent the XML; parse

the XML; put it in a database.

Aandi Inston


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Can you direct me to sample web scripts for processing the xml? Thanks


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Have you found a solution for your scripting problem?

If you have, please post your solution, because I have the same question.