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Circle a rating field


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I am trying to figure out a way to have a circle a rating field, for example:

circle on a rating of (1) not at all

(2) a little bit

(3) most definitely

1- 1 2 3 You know this program

2- 1 2 3 You can help me with an answer

3- 1 2 3 It is possible?

4- 1 2 3 It will be easy

I need to keep this format because in some cases this form will not be filled out online, only manually. I know how to set it up with radio boxes, but I would prefer to have a circle placed around the choice instead of a solid circle through it.

Anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance.
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It might be overkill but you could put invisible buttons over each selection, and have a hidden circle object that would display or hide depending on which selection was made. It would involve setting the appearance for the circle either displaying or hiding depending on which selection was made, or if one is made, and a change is made after an initial selection. One important note with this is to make sure that the selection choice on the form (1, 2, or 3) is on top of the circle object in the hierarchy. Otherwise the circle may overlap the users selection.


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My only concern there is the the form will have around 200 questions and what will happen to file size. The only way I have found so far is a check mark over the number, but no circle. When I try to use the circle button style, it gives a filled in circle. This is where I would like an open circle, thus it would fit around the number and not fill it in solid.

Anyone else have any input?


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Here's the work-around I posted to a similar question after weeks of frustration creating fillable/saveable medical forms with nearly a thousand entry fields

Short summary:  To enable your respondents to circle choices, you don't have to do anything more than teach them to enable/display the oval drawing tool in Reader 9 and higher.  You're already saving your forms as reader extended pdfs to allow people to save what they type, and this also enables the rich drawing functionality of Reader.  Adobe has chosen to default reader to not show the drawing/typewriter tool bars, so in Reader 9.4 at least, you have to go to Tools > Customize Toolbars > every time you open reader.

Enjoy, I hope.