Changing the identity column for SQLAssembler destinations




Im pretty new to LCDS and struggling with the right procedure to change the metadata-identity-property for an SQLAssembler destination in data-management-config.xml.

As soon as I delete the old ID column from the SELECT statement of the fill(all) statement, LCDS starts dumping to the console in what seems like an infinite loop as soon as I request the data.

Anyone experience anything like this? This happens both for MSSQL and HSQL databases.

I managed to get it working once, by changing alot around: destination name, actionscript-class, identity, SELECT, as well as leaving the PC for a break. Next time I tested it worked. I'm just not able to replicate it, and that's very frustrating...

Theres quite a lot of logging, so please ask for what type of log messages I should post to help you help me.