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Changing default fonts of objects...


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You can change the default fonts your objects start with by going into:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Designer 8.2\EN\Objects\[Barcode,Standard,Custom, Favorites]

Edit all the xfo files (they are just XML files). Change out the Myriad Pro for whatever you want. I had to change mine to Calibri for templates/PDFs we were doing at work.

Hope that helps anyone

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Or you can drop the default object onto your canvas, set it up the way you want and drag and drop it back into the Library that you want. If you give it the same name it will overwrite the one that you have ....or you can create a whole series of new objects (you can even create a new library).

Note that you can also lasso multiple objects and make them into a single object in the same manner (i.e. like an address block or a common header format).