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Change hidden field presence on event


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G'day all,

Can someone please help me. I 3 hidden text fields that I want to change to visible, depending on which radio button is selected, however nothing happens when I click any of the radio buttons.

Any help would be much appreciated

Here is a copy of the script I have at the moment that isn't working.

----- form1.BookingForm.FormType.FormUse::change: - (JavaScript, client) ---------------------------

// Change the presence attribute of the Form Use fields.

if (this.rawValue == 1) { // If the Booking button is selected,

txtBookingNo.presence = "visible"; // Display the Booking field.


else if (this.rawValue == "2") { // If the Alteration button is selected,

txtOriginalBooking.presence = "visible"; // Display the Alteration field.


else if (this.rawValue == "3") { // If the Cancellation button is selected,

txtCancellationNo.presence = "visible"; // Display the cancellation field.


else { // Otherwise,

FormType.txtBookingNo.presence = "invisible"; // Hide the credit card fields.

FormType.txtOriginalBooking.presence = "visible";

FormType.txtCancellationNo.presence = "invisible";

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If you can mail me, I could look at your form.