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Calculating a field


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Hi, this is only my second form using Live Cycle 8.0 and the first where I need a calculated value. So I'm definitely a beginner.

It's very simple; however, I don't understand the help instructions.

I have a field called Hours. I need to multiply that by a rate, $80, and display the result in another field. I guess I could call that field Total.

I looked up Calculations but I am stumped by even the 1st instruction: Select the object to which you want to attach a calculation or script. Which one do I select, Hours or Total?

I'm not sure how to proceed. If you know, please give instructions suitable for a complete moron. Thank you!
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You will want to select your "total" field, and choose the calculate event from the script editor. In the calculate event your will want to put the following javascript:

this.rawValue = hours.rawValue * 80;

Where hours is the hours field on your form (including the path in the hierarchy, if needed). The calculate event will fire as soon as you leave the hours field when filling in the form.