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Boilerplate text in body of email


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I have created a form useing a standard button to submit a form in pdf format to the local email client using the following javascript:

var Comment = UserName.rawValue;

if (UserName.rawValue == null){ Comment = " "} else {Comment = UserName.rawValue};

event.target.submitForm({cURL:"mailto:?subject=Internet Access Request Form &body="+Comment+,"",cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8"});

This code works fine and places the name of the user (UserName) in the body of the email so that the recipient of the email (our Help Desk) knows who the form relates to.

What I would like to do is to add boiler plate text to the body of the email below the UserName value with instructions explaining which email address to send the form to since the form must be approved by a manager before being sent to the Help Desk. Quite often the manager will have the employee complete the form, send it to them (the employee's manager) who then forwards the "approved" form to the Help Desk. The boiler plate text would explain this process.

As I am not familiar with writing javascript I have played around with the code some and done some "googling" in an attempt to figure out how to do this on my own; with no luck.

One approach I attempted was to add the boiler plate text as part of the Master Page, set the binding to invisible and attempted to modify the javascript to display that text in the body as well, with no luck.

Surely this can be done, right?

Could someone help me? Please? :)


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