Barcoded Forms




I am currently looking at Livecycle and have only down loaded Form Designer component I need to evaluate and demonstrate the 2D barcode capabilities of Livecycle, this requires the Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms plugin. Do I need to download and install the full LiveCycle ES or is there a quicker and easier option





Hi Dave,

If you are referring to LiveCycle Designer you do not need any additional software to author barcoded forms. The same is true of Acrobat Professional 8 and 9. However, in Acrobat Professional 6 and 7 there was a plug-in required to create barcoded forms.

There is splash screen in both Designer and Acrobat Professional stating the requirement for LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES. This is a common source of confusion. LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES is a server-side component that provides barcode decoding or the ability to enable barcoded forms to be processed by a third-party decoder.

So if you are evaluating the creation of barcoded forms, you do not need any additional software. If you are evaluating authoring and decoding barcoded forms, you will need LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES.