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Autopopulating of Subform


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I'm a newbie to developing forms so any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to develop a form where the manager inputs his information into separate text fields at the top of the form (i.e. name, phone_num address) and that same information autopopulates only the first row of a subform with the same headings. Also, I have an addEmployee button where whenever the manager clicks it, it should add a blank row to the subform beneath the autopopulated first row. This will allow him to enter his employee's info beneath his own.

Does anyone know how to:

- have the manager's completed text fields autopopulate only the first row of the subform?

- ensure that the addEmployee button adds only blank rows beneath the autopopulated first row?

I need to do this in javascript...also which event should this code appear in?

Thank you!
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Hello all. I'm a newbie too -- and I'm having a similar problem. I have set up some fields that I want my user to enter once, and then have them autopopulate on subsequent pages (like their name and ID number). Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!