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Add An Additional Form In A Process?


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I am very new to Livcycle ES & Workbench. I am good with Flex, PHP, Actionscript, Javascript + others and had limited trouble learing them. Livecycle however has been very difficult for me so far. I have completed the "building your first application" (Mortgage to the loan officer or manager) And that was pretty smooth and I understand how that works. However, I cannot figure out how to add an additional form in a process. Continuing that example lets say after the loan officer approves a loan and I want to populate a seperate form that is very simular, But has a few exrta feilds. Then send the new form to the bank manager for filling in? How does that happen? From what I can tell, every process begins with a form being submitted, I want one form being completed to trigger a "To Do" In Workspace, then have there be another form.

Im not looking for anyone to write the code, just point me in the correct driection. Would it be a Sub-Process?

I know this is a dumb question and there may not be a simple awnser.

I like the aspect of Livecycle, but I am almost at the point of saying "I Give Up" and that has never happend before when learning a new system. I have never programmed Java and that may be why this is so different for me. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks very much.

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Chris, this is not a dumb question. This is actually a bit more complex than it should be. We are looking making it easier in the next release.

Now with this release, what you need to do is create another variable of type xfaForm that points to your other form (xdp).

Then after the loan officer step, you can add a SetValue operation an equate the data node of the two xfaForm varibale. For example

/process_data/xfaOriginalform/object/data = /process_data/xfaOtherForm/object/data

The use the other xfaForm varibale on the manager step.

That way, when the PDF will get created for the second xfaForm, it'll use the new data from the data node.

Does that make sense?

Let me konw.



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Thanks for the response, I will try this out and let you know how it goes. Yes, it does make sense and I think I understand. Thanks again for the assistance. I am greatful!



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Good News, I have gotten it to work using you response. There is one note for anyone else having this issue.

In the Second SetValue under mapping the Location Is:


And the Expression Is:


Seams like I had to reverse what you said. It worked great after that. I now have gotten a second wind of air to continue forward. Since getting past this I have seemed to make sense out of Xpath.

Thanks for the assistance.