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Acro Reader v7.0.x compatibility issues


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I have a form that is comprised of a number of static list boxes, text boxes, Javascript, and Formcalc code that was designed in Designer v7.1. I saved the form as a Dynamic 7.0 Compatible PDF, yet experience crashes with Reader v7.0.2 when trying to pull down a list box. Before you say "Upgrade to Reader 8", please understand that my user community is comprised of about 600 PCs, with most of them currently on Reader v7.0.2. For security reasons, none of the users can perform their own upgrades, so a mass push from the data center would be required....which we really don't want to do at the moment.

Is this type of functionality (list boxes, etc) so fragile that a patch-level upgrade would make such a big difference, or is there something more significant going on under the covers?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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I feel your pain, Paul. My guess is that something got messed up when you opened the template created in a previous version of Designer in the new version and saved it out. Of course that "shouldn't" happen, but it's the sort of thing that can get missed in QA. Try recreating the drop-down objects that are causing the crash and see if that fixes the problem.