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RTCDP Import Audience Segment Activation to advertising destinations


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My team recently started testing 'Import Audience' feature under Customer > Audience.

We successfully imported hashed email list of specific group. However, when we activate this audience into advertising destinations like Meta or DV360, it does not generate any audience size. 


I understand Google might be tricky, but wouldn't Meta work perfectly with activating hashed email addresses? During the 'Mapping' stage in data activation process, I've selected hashed email customized attribute from our CRM data source. Do we need to build a separate data source/schema for import audiences? 



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@jooyeon_han there could be couple reason for this, to begin with could you check 

  1. what hashing methos was used for hashing email address, meta uses SHA-256 (if I'm not wrong) and would expect data in the same format 
  2. Are you formatting the data as required by Facebook, eg column names should match pre defined format, check the article below 



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I am using the exact same hashed data (sha256) that worked with direct upload into Meta platform. 

When directly uploaded into Meta, it works. When I upload into RTCDP and activate data from there, the data does not sync and shows 0 scale.