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Regarding Privacy Service


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@Anil_Umachigi - As we are planning to integrate Privacy Service in our existing Adobe Experience Platform, also creating a product profile with enablement of Privacy UI service done. But, here comes the issue within the privacy ui system we can't limit with any environment such as Dev/Prod. So, could you let us know do we have environment specific option enabled for Privacy UI service or it's directly applicable for Prod alone. Along-with this if its for prod, then what level of the access should the user to be in it.


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Hi @MasterLeeman 


Platform processes privacy requests across all sandboxes belonging to your organization. As a result, any x-sandbox-name header included in the request is ignored by the system.

Fundamental of a Privacy requests like GDPR/CCPA etc are based out of formal request made by an individual to exercise their rights under the privacy regulation. If a delete request has been made then platform is supposed to clean everything up from all environments.



Arijit Ghosh