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Profile creation date in Experience Platform


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Using the Profile Count Trend graph, from the Profiles section, I detected an increase in new profiles added to the Adobe Experience Platform on a specific day.


I tried to get the primary identity of those profiles that entered that specific day using the Query Service, querying the Profile Snapshot dataset using the _repo.createDate value as a filter, but the values are not close to what I detected in the graph. This may be because, according to the business model, a customer can buy without being registered in the store, i.e., a customer can perform a transaction without having customer attributes, such as createDate, registered in Experience Platform.


Is there a way to get those new profiles created on that specific day?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @edgar_herrera ,

By using the _repo.createDate from the Profile Snapshot dataset you can only fetch all the profiles created on that day using Individual Profile class Datasets.
In addition, you can fetch all the Identities from the Event dataset who have transacted that day and were the first-time transactors. 
Sample query:-
FROM   transaction_dataset
WHERE  timestamp = Date("yyyy-mm-dd")
       AND customerid NOT IN (SELECT customerid
                              FROM   transaction_dataset
                              WHERE  timestamp <> Date("yyyy-mm-dd")); 



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