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Profile Count & Licensing Usage


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Hi there,


Our company is just implementing AEP and so I have a few questions (Apologies in advanced if they are silly questions) regarding identities and licensing usage.


In our sandbox, when I go into Administration > License Usage, under the addressable audience, I see 1M licensed. Currently, after we enabled our XDM Experience Event dataflow into AEP, we have already gotten over 1M profiles. When I check under Profiles by identity under Customer > Profiles, I noticed that it is mostly occupied by profiles with single ECID. I am thinking wouldn't this be an issue if a lot of our visitors visit with Incognito browser which generates a new ECID each time and a new profile is "created" and permanently occupying a profile slot?


We did set ECID as the primary identifier in the XDMExperienceEvent Schema, should I set our CRM ID as the primary identifier instead in the XDMExperienceEvent schema? Would that affect our ability to segment non-authenticated visitors since they wouldn't have a CRM ID?





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Yes you are spot on with the ECID statement, every unique ECID will create a unique profile (unless it is already exists or associated withe other id - eg crm id). 

There is a way around this, especially when you have limited profile # in your license. 

Read more about Experience Event expiration ( aka Time to live), this setting can decide how long should the event exists with ECID as unique id before the profile is deleted and hence reducing the total count. 


You may have to discuss with stakeholders on how you want to approach this, as this may affect certain use cases where ECID might be the identifier. 


To enable this feature you will have to reach out to adobe, have someone from adobe walk you thru this especially for your use cases and billing perspective. 





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Thanks @Anil_Umachigi. I will explore the TTL option, is there a way to define different TTLs for a prod environment vs a dev sandbox for the same schema?


2nd question, I currently have two merge policies, of which one was created by default by AEP and has no private graph. In the Profiles UI, I do not see the merge policy that I created in the drop down, is this a bug? 







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@akwankl TTL are associated to an event dataset, since you will have different dataset for dev and prod sandbox you can have them set up for each instance. 


Profile merge: yes it should show up in there, looks like a defect. 


Hope that helps


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@Anil_Umachigi - Assigning TTL means that the ingested data will be deleted from datasets after the time mentioned in TTL or the data stays in dataset?