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Linear Attribution Analysis for Natural Search Excl. Last Touch where Natural Search exists


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Hi @All

Our goal is to identify orders and revenue associated with the Natural Search channel, specifically where this channel was involved as a touchpoint - except as the last touch. For this, we want to use a linear attribution view, excluding the last touch, with a 30-day lookback period.


The approaches I've used so far are: 


1. Created a segment where 'Marketing Channel = Natural Search' and 'Last Touch Channel does not equal Natural Search'. Applying a linear attribution model to this segment has not given any numbers. I wonder if there might be any specific reasons for this, as the logic seems okay?

2. Custom Attribution Approach: I've used the custom attribution model with 50% weightage for the starter, 50% for the player, and 0% for the closing touchpoint. While this approach aligns with the goal of excluding the last touch, it does not provide a linear attribution view, as it assigns fixed weights to the first and middle touchpoints. 


The objective of this analysis is to understand the indirect contribution and influence of the Natural Search channel, excluding its role as the final touchpoint leading to conversion. I would appreciate any insights or suggestions you could offer on this. 

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