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How to enable same page personalization with AEP -> AT


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Hi there,


I have a use case to display certain banner on the page using Target only if the customer is currently logged in on the page. When the customer comes back in another session and is not logged in, they would not see the banner. 


I understand I can use Edge Segment for this, but how do we ensure the visitor will only see the personalization ONLY if their current state is logged in? We web.webpagedetails.userloginstatus == "logged-in"



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Hi @akwankl  - Yes, you are right. You need to pass a separate event to tell edge profile that the particular customer is logged in or not. So that your respective audience will pick accordingly and feed the relevant profiles to adobe target to have a real time personalization for only logged in customer. Along with that make sure you check if current session is also active to feed the banner. 



Hi @akwankl 

once a customer logs in on a  site, make to sure to swap the primary identity to set it to the known CRM identifier, it is best practice to do so that all events post logged in are set at your known customer identifier instead of the ECID...

As soon as the primary identity in the identity graph is set, ECID will be marked as secondary identity.


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