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How can I relate two profile schemas using foreign Key


Level 2


Schema 1: Person

    Base Class: XDM Individual Profile

    Primary Identity: PersonKey

Schema 2: Account

    Base Class: XDM Business Account

    Primary Identity: AccountKey

Schema 3: Lead

    Base Class: XDM Individual Profile

    Primary Identity: LeadKey

    Foreign Key 1: PersonKey (many to One) 

    Foreign Key 2: AccountKey (many to One)


When I create a segment, I can see the data qualified when the conditions are based on Lead+Account attributes, but nothing qualifies when Segment is created for the conditions based on Lead+Person attributes.
Is it possible to setup a relationship between two Profile schemas?


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@mittalabhi86 Please wait for others to chime in but hopefully the following documentation will be a good starting point.

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