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How accurate is the profile count audience estimate in "Audience properties"?


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In the top right-hand corner when building a segment there is an estimate of the number of profiles that have qualified for that audience. How accurate is that estimate? On occasion I have business partners that have audiences <10 profiles -- is it accurate enough to pick up on sale audience sizes? IS there a rule of thumb or an understood margin of error?


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Hello @JeffKr4  


The estimate of the audience is based upon the profile estimate job.

Please refer to the following articles for additional detail.



Audience estimates are generated by using a sample size of that day’s sample data. If there are less than 1 million entities in your Profile store, the full data set is used; for between 1 and 20 million entities, 1 million entities are used; and for over 20 million entities, 5% of the total entities are used.
Additionally, this estimate is based off of when the last profile sample job was run. This means that if you’re using a relative date function such as “Today” or “This week”, the estimate will base its calculations off of the last profile sample job run time. For example, if today is January 24th and the last profile sample job ran on January 22nd, the “Yesterday” relative date function will be based off of January 21st, and not January 23rd.
More information about generating estimates for segment definitions can be found in the estimate generation section of the segment definition creation tutorial.