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FridayFinding | 9 | Journey Orchestration



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Journey Optimizer allow you to build real-time orchestration use cases leveraging contextual data stored in events or data sources.

Adobe Journey Optimizer helps companies to deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to their customers. The customer journey is the entire process of a customer’s interactions with the brand, from the first moment of contact until the customer leaves. It starts with the awareness phase, where the customer learns about the brand and starts engaging. The customer will then further interact with the brand, visit online and physical sites, and make purchases, send messages, or post reviews. Adobe Journey Optimizer is built natively on the Adobe Experience Platform and combines a unified, real-time customer profile, an API-first open framework, centralized offer decisioning, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for personalization and optimization.

Know all about Journey optimizer from here.

Let’s relate all of them in “what to do”

In order to send messages with journeys, the following configuration is required:

  • Configure an event
  • Create a segment
  • Configure the data source
  • Configure an action
  • Next build a journey, a step taken by business user
    • In the JOURNEY MANAGEMENT menu section, click Journeys.
    • Click Create Journey to create a new journey.
    • Edit the journey’s properties in the configuration pane displayed on the right side.
    • Start by drag and dropping an event or a Read Segment activity from the palette into the canvas.
    • Drag and drop the next steps that the individual will follow.
    • Test your journey using test profiles
    • Publish your journey to activate it. 
    • Monitor your journey using the dedicated reporting tools to measure your journey’s effectiveness.


There are certain limitations in AJO which can be found in this document.

Adobe Journey Optimizer can import existing message content or design a new content, personalize messages with customer profile data, create events to trigger messages, define segments and refine audiences, send multi-channel messages, create and add offers, and access a complete set of reporting and monitoring tools to measure the impact of your messages and customer journeys.

Based on organization, you can define several types of users and grant them access to certain capabilities depending on their permissions.

Golden Nugget from @karandhawan 

When configuring journey, make sure to keep a note of your event Id. The event ID is what needs to be sent to Adobe Experience Platform to trigger the Journey.


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