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FridayFinding | 8 | Alerts



Hello Finders,

We are in last leg of growing with Platform Experience, till now we have got idea of basic working of Platform experience, how we can know our customer behavior and identify the patterns leading to the behavior.  Today we will talk about Alerts.

Adobe Experience Platform allows you to subscribe to event-based alerts regarding Adobe Experience Platform activities. Alerts reduce or eliminate the need to poll the Observability Insights API in order to check if a job has completed, if a certain milestone within a workflow has been reached, or if any errors have occurred.

Read all about Alerts from here.

Adobe Experience Platform provides several predefined alert rules that you can enable for your organization.

Checkout the Adobe provided alert rules from here.

Let’s relate all of them in “what to do”

To get started, select Alerts in the left navigation.

The Browse tab lists the available rules that may trigger an alert.

Select a rule from the list to view its description and its configuration parameters in the right rail, including threshold and severity.

Apply rule and check the history tab to ensure alert rule is applied.


When a certain set of conditions in your Platform operations is reached (such as a potential problem when the system breaches a threshold), Platform can deliver alert messages to any users in your organization who have subscribed to them. These messages can repeat over a pre-defined time interval until the alert has been resolved.

Golden Nugget from Ankita

"To access the Alerts tab, you need View Alerts permission in combination with one of the other permissions related to sources/destinations etc."

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