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FridayFinding | 2 | User Permissions and Sandbox Management



Hey fellas,

Hope you are prepped and geared with Platform Experience setup and environment! This week we would focus on permissions and sandbox management.

Access control is a key privacy capability in Experience Platform. The Admin Console is the interface used to administer user access to all Adobe Experience Cloud products and product profile is a combination of permissions, roles, and sandbox environments tied to a specific Adobe product.

There are various roles that exist in Platform Experience as Users, developers, Product profile Admins, Product Admins and System Administrator. To know the complete details, visit page how to create product profile and add permissions to product profile.

What to do

To work with FridayFindings, Product profile would suffice the purpose. Ask your Product administrator to enable product profile for your user account.

Now, when you are required access, create a sandbox by following simple steps on page

Add the sandbox to product profile.


Product profile gives you permissions to add users, work with write permissions on sandboxes.

Sandboxes are test boxes where LUMA project data is kept along with configurations. It is not mandatory to use sandbox and LUMA project data if you have environment and can get a dummy data to work on.

Permission are sandboxes need to setup before starting as would allow the accesses. If you are working on Sandboxes, ensure an active sandbox green dot appears.

Expected Outcome:  Your profile should be able to access and switch on the sandboxes.


Post your queries in case you find permissions and sandboxes not getting enabled.

Golden Nuggets from @karandhawan  (AEP Expert)

“Experience Platform comes with two pre-configured default product profiles. You can also configure new product profiles.

While creating a new profile, ensure that correct sandboxes are added.Eg: If one user is included in two or more product profiles, that user will have access to all sandboxes included in those profiles.


There would be exclusive swag for first 3 participants to ensure the completion of series. Keep posting your queries and outcomes to up the game.



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Level 2

Hi Nimasha,

How can I get access to AEP?

Will this be the separate sendbox setup for this discussion?






Hi Darpan,


Your account must be provisioned for AEP. You can follow the below document for gaining access to AEP:






Community Advisor

Hi @NimashaJain ,

        I gone through the experience league url and  in that experience league they have mentioned admin console link and which is redirected me to company Adobe account and  I left that company so most of the product they have removed.

Is there any other way or I can request to current company.






Hi Sanjay,


In order to access the Admin console, your present company must have an account there and you need to be added as a System Admin in order to access it.