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Experience Platform API token


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Hi! I´m trying to get an API token for Adobe Experience Platform but this product is showed to me as not available, could someone help me please?

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If you have been added as a developer or user for a product profile, you can find your API token in the Adobe I/O Console, did you check your user permissions?






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Hi, @adobechat . Thanks for help.

I´ve added myself as deeloper and user, and my account is a personal account, so I think I´ve already has the permissions. Indeed, I´ve got successfully a token for "API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder", but "API for Experience Platform" is set as unavaiable for my account, maybe this API requires some payment


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Hi @GersonFr ,

There's no payment required for the API, assuming you have already licensed a Platform-based application like Real-Time CDP, Customer Journey Analytics, or Journey Optimizer. I just updated these videos last week to showcase the new OAuth API credential. Can you confirm that you've taken the steps in the first video?


You can also look at the Permissions and Developer Console pages in this tutorial:




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Hi! Thanks for your response!
when I try to add a new API to my project the option of Adobe Experience Platform API is not listed as avaiable to me, when I change the "View by" dropdown, that Experience Platform API is shown but disabled.


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Hi @GersonFr  - From what I understand you are currently seeing “API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder” and is successfully able to generate the token for it. As shown below





However, you are not seeing Experience Platform API listed and want to get it as well . As shown below





Can you please check if you have the developer access on the Adobe Experience platform product profiles. This is the only mandate for accessing this.