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Does setting up multiple account connections to Export Streaming Segment to a SFTP destination lead to duplicate audience?


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Hi team,


I have a streaming segment with Adobe Analytics events and it is scheduled for incremental export to a SFTP location every 3 hour. I want to schedule every 1 hour export after segment is evaluated every hour after Adobe Analytics streaming data ingestion.

1) But There is no option to Export incremental files after Segment evaluation. The schedule to Export files After segment evaluation is only there in 'Export full files' and that also I believe will work for Batch evaluation.

2) The option we discovered is to set up multiple connections of the SFTP account to cater to every hour. 

    For eg:    Destination Connection1 = scheduled at 1PM 

                   Destination Connection2 for same account = scheduled at 2PM 

                   Destination Connection3 for same account  = scheduled at 3PM 

     and all these are scheduled to Export incremental files, with Frequency every 3 hour (wish there was an option to reduce the frequency to every hour). So that every hour we have an Export in the SFTP. 


But the concern is, this will lead to Duplicate audience going to destination since these Connections with be independently evaluated for 3 hours cycle and there will be overlap of audience. Please suggest if this is the correct way to do so or there is any other alternative to cater to this issue. 




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