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Can we use segments created in Adobe Analytics directly in CDP Segment Builder?


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Hi team, 


We have Adobe Analytics as a streaming Source into CDP. We tried to create a Segment in Adobe Analytics which we wanted to use directly into CDP. Is is possible to do so? 

I can see in the Segment Builder --> Audiences --> There are AAM segments visible.. but cannot find an option to directly use Adobe Analytics segments (since I'm able to see only AAM segments).

Please suggest IF and How we can use the same. 



Mansi Bedi

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@mansibedi No this is not something you can do today, Segments in AA is based of "ECID" within AA db. 

Try using the same logic you have in AA segment and re create it manually within segment builder. 


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Hi @Anil_Umachigi ,


I tried to create the required Streaming Segment in CDP Segment Builder with the Adobe Analytics streaming data and audience => Event1 (Form Start) exists and Event2 (Form Complete) does not exists in the next 4 hours. I basically want to create a definition where Event2 (Form Complete) does not exists within the next 4 hours of Event1 (Form Start) occurance. i.e A case of Form Abandonment where user has started the form and not completed within 4 hours of starting it.


I have attached screenshot with the required Event Description. But I am not getting the option to Edit the Event2 occurance duration- when 'the Event2 does not occurs within next xyz hours'. Can you suggest how do we achieve the mentioned Segment condition and how do we get the option to Edit the Event2 occurance duration.


Segment Condition Required something like this - Include audience who have at least 1 Any event where (Value1 exists AND (Value2 does not exist and occurs in next 4 hour(s)))


There's another option of Applying Time Rule on the container itself, but not sure if that will work for the definition, plus it is giving Error while saving the segment. 


CDP Segment_event occurance duration__No Edit Option.PNG