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Adobe Experience Platform Community Lens 2nd Edition, September 2022




Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Adobe Platform Experience Community Lens!

Adobe Platform Experience Community Lens is like your community bulletin board highlighting the latest updates from the Adobe Platform Experience Community in one place.
In this edition, we are sharing updates from August 2022, including, the most viewed Adobe Platform Experience content on Experience League, as well as the latest product releases, upcoming and past learning opportunities, and a lot more!

Adobe Platform Experience Community Lens


Learn about all the new capabilities, upgrades, improvements, and fixes that were included in the latest release for Adobe Platform Experience:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services : AI/ML services empower marketing analysts and practitioners to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in customer experience use cases.

Attribution AI: Attribution AI is used to attribute credits to touchpoints leading to conversion events.

Customer AI: Customer AI available in Real-time Customer Data Platform, is used to generate custom propensity scores such as churn and conversion for individual profiles at scale.


Register now for the upcoming Adobe Platform Experience learning opportunities:

Experience League showcase - Submit your story for a chance to win!

AEP Mentorship program - Follow the mentors to get insights: Bryan, Gokul, Aman


Hear from Adobe product leaders and practitioners and enhance your product knowledge with their expert insights:


Check out where your peers are spending most of their time learning in the Community and follow the conversations that pique your interest:

Most Viewed Community Q&A in August 22

Most Viewed Community Discussions in August 22

Most Viewed Community Ideas in August 22

We encourage and value all your feedback! Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions for how we might improve this Adobe Platform Experience  Community Lens update and if there is any other information that you would like to see included here: Experience League Community Lens Feedback



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