Quick way to revert elements/rules to match the live version




We have got ourselves into a situation where we have made many revisions to rules/elements which we have not published and no longer intend to publish.


What is live and what is in our elements/rules are very different and it is now very difficult to get back to a clean baseline within rules and elements.


The only way to do this is to manually revert every changed rule/element to match the current live version - very time consuming and prone to error.


Please can you consider introducing a way to quickly update multiple elements/rules to match the live version?



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I'm in the same boat, having inherited an implementation where "Changed Resources"  lists about 60 rules, data elements, and extensions that have non-live changes, and that I'm painstakingly cleaning up.  Ability to delete revisions that aren't live in production would be even better, so that I don't have to go through the slow publishing queue.