Pass Data elements attribute value to evars



Hi Team,

I am new to launch and configuring solutions , data elements, rules for sandbox environment.

Wanted to check how do we pass the data elements value to evars ?

I have Guests (evar18 ) configured in Analytics Admin UI and Data Element Name --->  "Guests" in Launch UI.

I want to set Guests Data element value to v18 . How can I do this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



To answer your question directly:  You make a rule, then within the 'actions' of that rule you add an Adobe Analytics 'Set Variables' action.  As you customize your 'set Variables' action, you get a nice UI in which you can set an evar or sprop directly to a data-element.  You'll need to have rules that set variables, execute the proper beacon send, and then clear out the variables too.

One straightforward example is a typical pageload rule.  When the page is done loading (let's say 'DOM Ready' in this case), you can set all the variables you want on that pageview within a set variables action -> send the pageview beacon -> clear the variables.

I would recommend checking out the Launch User Guide documentation for some general help on the differences of Launch's UI.  The videos section (especially the first video) give a great walkthrough of the necessary things to understand in the platform.  The first video is 20mins long, and I consider it a must-watch for anyone that is getting started with Launch, regardless of their other prior platform experience.


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