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Rules-based engine at the Datastream or Datastream Service level


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There needs to be a way for incoming XDM events to be filtered/routed to specific enabled Datastream Service.


Current Behaviour

Currently when we enable Analytics, Experience Platform, Event Forwarding for example, all incoming XDM events are pushed to all the enabled Services for the give Datastream ID. There needs to be a way to selectively choose which XDM events should be accepted by the enabled Services. 


How would you like the feature to work
Currently, we can do this for Event Forwarding using Rules, so that we can selectively decide what XDM events needs to be forwarded to a 3rd party destination. We need a similar setup for the other Datastream services. Not every incoming XDM event is relevant to Analytics or Experience Platform. We don't want for example Analytics to be incrementing Occurrences for XDM events that are meant for Experience Platform or Event Forwarding. 


One possible workaround is to operate multiple Datastreams with different configuration but this is not ideal. It would mean client applications would need logic to determine when to use one Datastream ID vs another. 


Why is this feature important to you

Use case 1: We have incoming XDM events that are specifically for Experience Platform and not Analytics. Without this feature, it's preventing us from turning on Analytics as a Datastream service. 


Use case 2: For privacy compliance, if a user opts out of Analytics, we should be able to prevent specific XDM events from landing into Analytics, but can be used for Event Forwarding destination.


Without this feature, it's limiting the overall capability of AEP.




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There's another need that we are seeing is to push data from AJO to AEP as events. The best way to deal with this will be to manage via Events API in an unauthenticated way. Utilizing the same analytics schema will be a challenge and not all events are analytics data. I love the way the data stream is defined but for sure need more flexibility in managing different types of data and filtering for sending in a specific way.


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I teird something like this with a data element containing two different data streams, but unfortunately it doesn't change during the sessions, and whatever was first set at the begining of the session is there despite the data element value changing based on consent.