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Launch - Add date and author to the history list


Level 3


Description - When looking at the history of a rule it would be useful to see the date that the version was created

Why is this feature important to you - When looking back over multiple versions, it is impossible to tell when each version was created.  You can see that some versions were published, but a date, author and library would be good to track whcih versions have been used in different scenarios.

How would you like the feature to work - In the version drop down, the date created should be displayed next to the version number.




In the version comparison screen it should display the date saved, author and ideally which library it was saved at the top.  Any notes saved to this version could also be added here.


Current Behaviour - a list of versions with no indication of who made them or when they were made means that checking for old versions can mean going in to lots of versions and manually checking updated custom code, which is time consuming and error prone.