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Analytics Extension - add support for dynamic events e.g., resulting from a data element


Level 9


Description - the Analytics extension's action to set event variables is quite limited, assuming you know the events to set, requiring writing custom code. 

It would be amazing if an to-be-evaluated Analytics event can be added as a result of a Data Element evaluation.


Example: I have a lookup table the generates a string "eventX,eventY" for me that has to be set on the extension. In order to do so, I must write custom code which is tedious and error prone, since I must append these to s.events, append them to s.linkTrackVars and s.linkTrackEvents.


Assuming in most cases events are counters and have a value of 1, why not have a possibility to add one or more dynamic events through an input field in the setVariables action, additionally to the standard functionality?



Why is this feature important to you - for many clients I have worked around this issue with custom code that is potentially error prone whereas the built-in event-add functionality is quite convenient if you know which events you are supposed to always fire. However, often I want to add additional events which are only determined by the context of the passed data.


Having something that saves time and reduces room for errors would be amazing.


How would you like the feature to work - have an additional text field where a Data Element can be used. This can either be a single event or a list of events which will implicitly set all required fields on the AppMeasurement library. The same way the standard functionality works.


Current Behaviour - I can only set predefined events, no flexibility to set other events ad hoc based on the evaluation of a Data Element.


Hope I am not alone on this.