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Adobe Tags - prevent unminified library version from being published to PROD


Level 9


Description - with a PROD library URL, you can easily remove the .min.js extension to see the unminified library version, including every comment that was made, fully exposing all business logic.

This should be disabled (on demand), or the unminified version should at least lie under a different ID


Why is this feature important to you - exposing all business logic to the world is definitely not best practice


How would you like the feature to work - have a checkbox that prevents the PROD unminified version of the library to be created in the asset cloud.

Ideally, create a unique URL of the unminified version, that cannot be derived from the minified URL, yet to still be able to inspect this URL with external tools like the AEP Launch Inspector extension for Google Sheets.


Current Behaviour - The unminified library, including all comments, is publically readable by removing the .min