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Validating native to webview journey mid value


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I'm trying to track visitors from a native app (in iOS and Android) into a WebView. Following the guide the URL is appended with `…com/?adobe_mc=TS=1234567890%7CMCMID=12345678901234567890123456789012345678%7CMCORGID=ABC12345678901234567ABC%2540AdobeOrg&app=android&version=x.x.xx`.


On the WebView side we have Launch with the Experience Cloud ID Service plugin.


In the troubleshooting guide it states "My mid is not identical in my app to my web view" but I'm not sure how to validate this.


Is the mid the same as the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID? For us, they're not, which makes me wonder whether I need to check for the existence of MCMID in the adobe_mc and manually overwrite it?


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Thanks LoTR - I have seen that thread. I'm still confused. After setting adobe_mc within app the values in MCMID and `window._satellite.getVisitorId().getMarketingCloudVisitorID()` webview don't correlate.


My question is - do I need to explicitly set the value of `getMarketingCloudVisitorID()` within Launch? The documentation suggests this will be done automatically.


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yes the mid is same as the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID. you should not explicitly set the value of getMarketingCloudVisitorID. you need to pass the visitor id through visitorAppendToURL and that will go in the web view under adobe_mc. The url then fetch the adobe_mc value and pass in the mid param in the analytics request