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Unable to send data to AEP using Web SDK


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Hi Team,


I am new to the AEP Web SDK and trying to explore the capabilities of the Web SDK just by creating a static web page in my local desktop. What I had done so far is:

  • Created a XDM (ExperienecEvent) in AEP
  • Created a dataset for the XDM I had defined in AEP
  • Created a DataStream in Adobe Launch
    • Enabled AEP to send data to AEP
    • Mapped the dataset (created above)
  • Created a Property under "Tags" in Adobe Launch
    • Installed and configured AEP Web SDK, Cloud ID Service as Extensions
      • Passed my ORG ID to Web SDK while configuring and mentioned "edge.adobedc.net" as Edge domain.
    • Created some local storage variables as Data Elements
    • Created a data element of type XDM object and mapped the data elements to the respective XDM fields
    • Created rules for a particular Page Type to  send Event of type "commerce.productViews"
  • Created a Library and published it to Development environment
  • In the static web page, added the script for Development environment along with other local storage elements whose values will be mapped to the XDM.
    • Added a onload script in the body of the static page which is calling the _satellite.track('productview') after building the dataLayer.

  After doing all these, when I am opening the static page in any browser, I am getting the below error:



I had checked the launch-28a5d85e2c18-development.min.js which was generated by Web SDK and verified that my ORG ID is exactly same. I am not sure what is wrong here. If anyone of you can point me out what is wrong here, that will be really great.


Thanks a lot in advance. 

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I am able to solve this by doing the following:

  • Converted the single static page into a static Web Application and deployed the application in JBoss EAP application server.

I am sure if I had used Tomcat, then as well it would have worked.


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Hi @bitunsen ,


I have written a blog on this topic. You can have a look on the same and make sure that you have covered all the steps to get your alloy beacon.




Thank you,