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Show the Rule Name at all times


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Please show the rule name when a user is viewing / editing a rule's components. It is very easy to lose your place. In DTM, everything was on the same page, with rule name and different components available there, so it was quick and easy to move thru. Now, everything requires a click, and each click results in a screen without the rulename visible.



  1. Create or edit a rule.
  2. Click an event, condition, etc.
  3. The screen shows "Edit Rule" as the title - that's it. The only way to find the rule name if you forget (or want to verify) which one you opened is to click Discard or Save.

IDEA: Use the "Edit Rule" space to provide a descriptive title (e.g., "<Rulename>: <Event/Condition/Action>") or at a minimum the first 60 characters of the rule name (e.g., "Edit Rule: <first 60 characters of rule>...") with ellipsis and title attribute to show rest on hover.


For those of us interrupted often, this would save a lot of time of lost work, do-overs, fixes, when we're forced to choose between Save / Discard. Also, some indicator of location is an accessibility requirement in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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