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Rules tab needs more love


Level 9


I feel like the Rules tab could use a lot more love. Right now the Rules tab is pretty bare. It just shows the rule Name, Last Modifed date, and Status. And (multi) select functionality just lets me bulk enable/disable rules.

Some things I would like to see added to this tab:

For the rule rows:

  • The rule priority (Order) #.   Would make it easier to figure out which rules are popping first.
  • The Event Type(s)  for a given rule. Would make it easier to figure out which rules are popping on page top, etc.
  • Extension(s) used in the rule.  Would make it easier to find all rules that e.g. pop AA vars
  • Condition Type > Date Range if used in the rule. This would make it a lot easier to keep track of random marketing pixels set to expire, to find and remove them

General Tab functionality:

  • Ability to sort  by things such as rule priority (Order), Event Type, etc. 
  • Ability to search/filter (e.g. search by rule name, filter for all rules that include foo extension, etc. )
  • Ability to change the rule priority (Order) value on the Rules tab.
  • Ability to copy rules (even to other properties, if you have the user perms)
  • User defined columns for the rules rows. Similar in principle to the Adobe Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Customized Columns functionality.  And have Launch remember the above, so whenever I login to Launch, it will show the last set of customized columns (same as what AA does). This would pretty much take care of all my rule rows points above!