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Add indicator that track and report on rule execution metrics


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Add indicator that track and report on rule execution metrics

Current Behavior:

Currently when Launch rules get fired the tool does not keep track of number of times and duration. 

Why is this feature important to you?

It will be valuable if the marketer have this data on the spot with in Launch, that will save time and add efficiency. 

How would you like the feature to work?

The feature request is to add indicator that track and report on rule execution metrics, so the marketer can use the information to monitor and manage the tag performance.





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There are loads of tools out there that allows you to monitor Adobe Launch execution:


Also it would be impossible to track duration as some action can be asynchronous and might not finish executing in the order you specified them to be executed.


To make your debugging experience easier, implement a naming convention for your rules like outlined here https://dev.to/alcazes/adobe-launch-tagging-standards-3aak 


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Hi @Alexis_Cazes_  thank you for the note.

The debugger is a client side tool, it can certainly be used to debug tag execution by individuals during the browser session.

However our use case is about holistic data aggregation. Every time when Launch rules fire we want to track  and aggregate that numeric metric.

Specific use case scenario: We place 3rd party marketing tag across several web properties. At the end of the month we want to get measurement that show us how many times this tag fired. The number of monthly tag execution is the aggregative metric we are interested to get. This feature does exist with other tag management systems, for example Signal. I know it is possible to create custom Abode Analytics tracking wrapper. I wanted to run this idea in the forum and see if other folks have such need so this can become build-in feature for Adobe Launch.