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Quick way to revert elements/rules to match the live version


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We have got ourselves into a situation where we have made many revisions to rules/elements which we have not published and no longer intend to publish.


What is live and what is in our elements/rules are very different and it is now very difficult to get back to a clean baseline within rules and elements.


The only way to do this is to manually revert every changed rule/element to match the current live version - very time consuming and prone to error.


Please can you consider introducing a way to quickly update multiple elements/rules to match the live version?





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I'm in the same boat, having inherited an implementation where "Changed Resources"  lists about 60 rules, data elements, and extensions that have non-live changes, and that I'm painstakingly cleaning up.  Ability to delete revisions that aren't live in production would be even better, so that I don't have to go through the slow publishing queue.



+1 to this


Manually reverting an unpublished change to the live version (Compare Revisions > Use These Changes) creates a new revision, so it appears as a 'Changed Resource' until published.


Ideally we don't want to publish these as they don't actually contain any changes, and it's not great for traceability if our older published libraries are filled with these "changes that aren't actually changes"



I dug around a bit to see if this was still the case, and, yeah, it seems like there's no way to revert to a prior Rule revision. You can switch to an old revision in the Compare Revisions screen and then click the "Use These Changes" button, but it creates a new revision that would then need to be promoted through the Publishing Flow.


I'd love to see a change to this. A revision, if you will.