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Property Name as a Launch Variable


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For those of us who manage a lot of different properties (which means development inevitably includes the wrong embed code from time to time), having a built in variable or function to return the property name would be a huge help and, I would think, very easy to implement.  Trying to match embed codes against multiple property definitions is a nightmare.

In our DTM implementation, I created data elements in each property called "dtmPropertyName" and could always do a getVar() on it to figure out which had been included on a page.  That works, but I think it would be something a lot of people would use if it was a part of the product.



Level 9


Not sure if it was unofficially added since you originally posted this, but FYI as of right now, I see a _satellite.property.name that contains my Launch property name. And there's also a _satellite._container.property.name that contains same value.  Actually I think I like the _container object more. It also has some other useful stuff like a _satellite._container.buildInfo object with things like buildInfo.environment




You should not use _satellite._container in production code as the structure will very likely change over time (if you have debugging turned on, you should see a warning message to this effect). _satellite.property and _satellite.buildInfo are fair game for production code, though. As Josh said, _satellite.property.name will have the property name you're after. I think having a built-in data element type that returns this value might be worthwhile. Until then, you can use the Custom Code or JavaScript Variable data element types.


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I have a Launch Extension that will expose this information into a Data Element, as soon as I finish QA and get it approved.