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Merge Launch Libraries


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Description -
  Since Libraries are just collections of changed resources, I want the option of merging two+ libraries together (similar to merging git branches) in dev and/or merge a library from dev into an existing staging library. 

Why is this feature important to you -

  Graduating features from dev to stage while awaiting a production push is a pain.

  Combining resource sets from two different dev libraries is a pain.

How would you like the feature to work -
  In publishing flow:

  1. Click the meatballs menu of a library
  2. Select "Merge in libraries"
    • At this point, the libraries that can cleanly merge would swap out their own meatball menu buttons for checkboxes
    • "Build" would be replaced with "Merge and Build"
  3. Check all libraries you want merged in
  4. Click "Merge and Build"
  5. A confirmation modal/warning dialog pops up, with the option to rename the new library.
  6. Click "Confirm"
  7. Libraries merge into one, then build.

    Similarly, when submitting a dev library for approval: if a library is already in staging, prompt the user to merge dev library with existing staging library.
  Production libraries don't need this feature, as they can already merge staging into dev via publishing flow.

Current Behaviour -

  Staging libraries have to be yoinked back into dev and resources added one-by-one (if they're not all ready).

  Dev libraries can't be easily combined, a user has to manually track (using their own notes) which versions of each resource to merge by hand.