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Make horizontal scroll bar persistent at the bottom


Level 4


Description - I'd like to be able to always view the horizontal scroll bar in debugger

Why is this feature important to you - to facilitate exploration of the values collected

How would you like the feature to work - I'd like the vertical scrollbar to always show at the bottom, regardless of where I am in the rows collected.

Current Behaviour - I have to vertically scroll all the way to the bottom to find and reach the horizontal bar. 



Level 4


@danielv92670241 I'm referring to the extension Adobe Experience Platform debugger. When too many columns are loaded in there, you need to scroll horizontally by going to the bottom of the window. I'd like the horizontal bar to always be visible, now matter how many rows are in a column, so that I can follow through rows horizontally without the need to go to the bottom of the window before I can scroll horizontally. Hope that clarifies my request.