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Make Extension development easier by allowing direct Extension uploads and releases


Community Advisor and Adobe Champion


Description -

Companies are able to develop and release both private and public Extensions to Adobe Tags to provide new capabilities. However, the process of making an Extension available internally or externally is complicated to a point where companies and individual community members (me included) refrain from doing so. While the development can be complicated on its own due to the mandatory Node JS tool stack, releasing an Extension (even internally) is even more convoluted and requires work with the APIs, managing Adobe IO integrations, and certificates/keys. To help with that, I want to propose an extension to the web interface of Tags to allow easier Extension management.

Why is this feature important to you -

Because I would like to see a more active community around providing capabilities for Adobe Tags.

How would you like the feature to work -

In an Extension-development Property within Tags, provide new menu items to manage Extensions. Specifically, I can think of options for uploading and releasing the custom Extensions:


In the "upload" tab, provide a simple drop-zone for .zip files created by the @adobe/reactor-packager tool. Dropping a file there would do the same as the @adobe/reactor-uploader tool, without all the API shenanigans.

In the "release" tab, we would see a listing of the company's packages and have them available to be released and discontinued. Again, this just uses the available API without all the normally required overhead.

Current Behaviour -

Very few contributors to the Adobe Tags catalog, even fewer active contributors, and many hours wasted on API wrangling.