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Launch: Must Have/Recommended Extensions


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So I was wondering if there are any extensions that anyone is using that you recommend as MUST HAVES (aside from Core/AA/Experience Cloud)? oh, didn't mention Target/AEM,AAM, etc. since not everyone is there yet or will be using them.

Thank you for any input! still discovering which ones would be great to use!

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SDI Toolkit is an extension I use that provides some really useful data element and rule UI helpers. Some features I use often:

  - Data Element Translator:  a lookup table to dynamically map data element values to new values. Great for a wide variety of scenarios.

  - Malformed URL:  detects errors in URLs to help you maintain integrity of campaign tracking

  -Set / Remove cookies or storage items.


Time and Scroll Event - provides an Event based on the amount of time a user has spent on a page and how far they have scrolled.


If you’re deploying any third-party vendor pixels across your site, chances are good there’s a Launch extension for that. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google gtag, Floodlight, and many others provide their own extensions.

As an alternative to using vendor-specific pixel extensions, you could use a single extension such as Pixel Loader, where you would manually configure the URL details for the pixel:  https://33sticks.com/dynamic-pixel-builder/

Keep in mind that the more extensions you install, the more bloated your library code will get, so it's best to only install extensions as you need them.