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Launch - Additional "Notes" features


Level 9


1) Within a given Rule, a note can be added on a Component level (e.g. an Action view), or on a Rule level.  Currently, there is no way to know there are any notes on a given Component, unless you open the Component view. I like being able to also write notes on a Component level, but I don't like that I cannot see an overview of all notes within the Rule, in one place. I would like to see all notes listed in the main Rule overview, with prefixes or section headers signifying which Component they belong to.


2) Within the Publish flow, when you build (e.g. a Dev) environment, it is currently not possible to add a note AND perform the Save action at the same time. You must first Save the build (or Save+Build), which takes you out of the view, and then go back to the Build view, and then add your Note.  This seems like an unnecessary and annoying extra step. I would like to be able to add a Note at the same time I create/update the build, and have it saved at the same time as Saving (or Save+Build) the environment. 

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