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Launch: Ability to test in the live/production environment


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At the moment environments are controlled by JavaScript tag that is deployed.  i.e. dev, staging, and production environments have different tags and this determines what code is delivered.

However, often we find ourselves wanting to test our development code against the 'live' environment (obviously before publishing to the live environment!).

This may be because other environments are not available or because other environments are not fully reflective of the live environment.

Please can you consider developing a way to test code in the live environment?

Adobe Target already provides this kind of capability so shouldn't be too hard for you to do



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Thanks, this looks useful.

However, we could really do with Adobe providing an 'official' way of doing this.

Chrome is not our standard corporate browser so difficult to get chrome extensions installed (particularly if they are not official).

Also some of our testing set up uses remotely hosted or virtual devices where it is difficult/impossible to do stuff like installing extensions.


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I was also looking for that feature and now wrote a Javascript snipet which you can run in your Browser Console:

//Reset satellite object - otherwise nothing will happen after including the script


//Include new script

var script = document.createElement('script');

script.type = 'text/javascript';

script.src = '//assets.adobedtm.com/launch-XXXXXX-development.min.js';


Just replace the script.src with your development library url.


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Search Discovery just released Version 2 of the DTM Switch (now Launch and DTM Switch).

Adobe Launch and DTM Switch - YouTube

It's available here: Launch and DTM Switch - Chrome Web Store

If you have version 1, automatic updates will be rolling out.

FOR THE IMPATIENT.  Just remove version1 and reinstall to get version 2.




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I'd imagine a potential issue with this is that your pageload/top/bottom rules won't fire on the new library... by the time you set this in the console, those triggers have already run.