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Ionic Capacitor.js without Adobe Mobile SDK


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I am trying to help a team with the investigation into integrating an Ionic Capacitor app with AJO so they can utilize the Push Notification Channel and track events in the Mobile App that gets sent back to AEP.

Is there a way to accomplish this without using the Mobile SDK , so creating custom schemas in AEP that holds events and using API to populate the Push Notification Profile Schema


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Thanks for reaching out! I understand your team is looking to integrate your Ionic Capacitor app with Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) for push notifications and event tracking without using the Mobile SDK.


1. Using the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK:

The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK offers the most robust and well-supported solution for data collection and push notifications in Ionic Capacitor apps. It provides features like:

  • Automatic event tracking
  • User identification
  • Push notification integration with AEP Mobile Engage
  • Pre-built schemas for common mobile app events

2. Custom Schemas and AEP APIs (Alternative):

While not recommended for most scenarios, it's technically possible to achieve basic functionality without the Mobile SDK. Here's how:

  • Create Custom Schemas in AEP: Define custom schemas in AEP to hold event data from your app.
  • Develop Custom Logic: Develop custom logic within your Ionic Capacitor app to:
    • Track desired events and format them according to your custom schemas.
    • Use AEP APIs (like the Data Collection API) to send event data to AEP.
  • Develop Push Notification Integration: Implement a separate push notification solution like Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and utilize its API to manage push notifications for your app.

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