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GTM container installation in websites through Adobe Launch.


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We want to implement a Google Tag Manager Container in our websites where we are using Adobe Launch as a default to trigger Facebook Tags.

Need a mechanism for Adobe Launch to connect to Programmatic Ad Pixels and Search Ads Conversion Tracking.  Specially need an implementation approach using Adobe Launch to fire Google's DV360 Floodlight pixels, or connect to Google Search Ads.  


We have tried to install the GTM container through Rules, and it seems to turnoff the adobe launch tags (Facebook) and others.

If there is any way to implement GTM container into website through Adobe Launch without disturbing the traffic of other existing tags, would be of much help. 

Thanks in advance!


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Don't do this.  It's is never advised to use one TMS to deploy another TMS.  You will encounter all sorts of errors just like you are describing now.  Even if you somehow manage to get past this initial hurdle, a multitude of issues await you.


TMS in parallel deployment are fine.  Nested TMS is not.