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Experience League LIVE: Post-session discussion - Get data collection and event forwarding up and running with just a few clicks



Use this thread to ask any questions related to the Experience League LIVE session titled, "Get data collection and event forwarding up and running with just a few clicks!"


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Level 2

What are the capability differences between implementing the WebSDK client-side and utilizing Event forwarding Compared to using the Server Side API for things like data collection and/or 3rd Party Tags?


Are there any differences specifically related to things like 3rd Party Cookie Deprecation (will one method protect you better from this), Safari / Apple ITP, and setting FPID that are enabled by one method or another?



First Party Device ID is the solution we have developed to mitigate the effects of 3rd Party Cookie Deprecation and ITP. It's supported by default with both the Web SDK and the Server API.

One significant advantage the Server API has over the Web SDK is ad-blocking. In some parts of the world, more than 40% of users utilize ad-blockers and in many cases, Adobe's data collection domains (and in some cases first party data collection CNAMES) are blocked by them. Because the Server API is server-to-server communication, ad blockers have no effect on their ability to collect analytics or effectively deliver personalized content. 

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